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Waitan in ShangHai.jpeg

About Artist

Originally from China, I carry within me a profound connection to my homeland while embracing the journey of adaptation and discovery in new environments. Growing up, I developed a keen sensitivity to the landscapes surrounding me, a sensitivity that deeply informs my artistic endeavors. Through the medium of watercolor, I find a captivating avenue for expressing the nuances of my experiences.

In my creative process, I navigate a delicate balance between control and surrender, exploring the dynamic interplay of water and pigment to bring my vision to life. Drawing from both reality and memory, I seek to encapsulate poignant moments within my paintings, each brushstroke imbued with personal narrative.

My artistic achievements include earning first place in the  annual show of the Society of Washington Artists, as well as garnering numerous awards from the Southwest Washington Watercolor Society. Currently, I devote my time to sharing my passion as an art instructor at Medallion Art School, where I have the privilege of nurturing the creativity of aspiring artists while continuing to pursue my own artistic evolution."

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